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What Sets Us Apart:

At Taylor Couch, PLLC, our clients are more than just another case. Our practice is focused on helping people get the justice they deserve. Our Louisville personal injury lawyers strive to practice better law and that shows through our hundreds of victories, both in and out of court. We are committed to serving our fellow Kentuckians. Our main areas of practice include:

  • Personal Injury
    • Car accidents
    • Trucking accidents
    • Slip and falls
    • Nursing Home Abuse
    • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Products Liability
    • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Negligence
  • Consumer Protection
    • Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Employment Law
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Discrimination
  • Qui Tam (Whistleblower)

Our firm’s wide range of practice allows for us to help a variety of clients, and despite how difficult a case may be presented, we at Taylor Couch, PLLC are here to help fight for your rights, head on.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, property damage, prescription drug costs, rental car expenses, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent or partial disability. In Kentucky, drivers are required to maintain insurance to pay for their negligence. If an at-fault driver does not have enough insurance to cover your losses, your own insurance policy may pay the difference.

Additionally, whether or not you were at fault, you may be entitled to some benefits. If you maintained legally-required "no-fault" insurance, you have the right to up to $10,000 for medical expenses and lost wages, without having to go to court.

A motor vehicle accident can have devastating, long-term effects. Recovery can be a long and difficult road. The pain may be disabling. Your vehicle may not be drivable. Your employer may be threatening to fire you for not coming back to work. At a time when you may need to work the most, you can't work. To add insult to injury, bill collectors may start hounding you for payment and threatening to damage your credit, in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or Fair Credit Reporting Act. In some cases, the insurance company may wrongfully deny payment of disability benefits or medical payments, in violation of Kentucky's Consumer Protection Act or the Insurance Code.

For these reasons, hiring an attorney with expertise in the laws of personal injury, employment, debt collection, and consumer protection is very important. Zachary Taylor and Nina Couch are Louisville personal injury attorneys that will evaluate and address each aspect of your case to ensure all your legal rights are protected. Zach and Nina pride themselves on delivering effective, prompt, and professional service to every client, every matter, every time. Call (502) 625-5000 today for a free consultation.

Consumer Credit

Federal and state laws provide consumers with certain protections in connection with consumer credit transactions. Namely, federal and state "Truth-In-Lending" statutes requires lenders or creditors to accurately disclose credit terms to consumers prior to making a deal. Certain other statutes limit finance charges which can be lawfully assessed and some statutes prohibit unearned fees or kickbacks in connection with certain transactions.

Because this area of law is fairly complex and rapidly evolving, unlawful conduct on behalf of lenders or creditors often goes unnoticed in the fine print of loan papers. If you believe you were defrauded or misled by a lender, you may be entitled to relief. Call Kentucky Consumer Lawyers Zachary Taylor and Nina Couch at (502) 625-5000 today.

Employment Law

Unexpectedly losing your job is devastating. The sudden loss of income can cause stress, anxiety, depression ... even a loss of self-worth that may manifests in physical illness. Embarrassment and humiliation often accompany a discharge as the fired worker struggles to explain the employment separation to family and friends. The stigma associated with being fired may follow a person for years. Indeed, when disclosed to prospective employers, the termination may hinder re-employment or even take a job offer of the table. And then the bills...

Although employment in Kentucky is "at-will," it is illegal to fire someone because of race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, age (over 40), or disability. Also, in most cases, an employer may not lawfully discharge its employee for taking approved medical leave or filing for worker's comp. Similarly, an employee cannot be terminated for complaining about discrimination or by refusing to break state law.

Your rights may have been violated even without being fired. If you were denied a job, raise, promotion, or transfer, you have the right to pursue a claim against your employment.

If you believe you suffered unlawful discrimination in the workplace, call our office for a free consultation.

If you have involved in a situation similar to the ones mentioned above, give us a call at (502) 625-5000. The Louisville personal injury lawyers at Taylor Couch, PLLCare ready to lend a helping hand and use their knowledge of the law to provide a better experience for their clients.

Client Reviews
I hired Taylor Couch, PLLC. They were amazing. They care about their clients. They did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend Nina Couch and Zachary Taylor. Janie
I consulted with Nina on a complicated property and estate issue. She could not have been more pleasant, intelligent, and calming. She helped me quickly settle the case. I have recommended Nina to all sorts of people who have personal injury issues and consumer protection issues. Justin
I was recommended Zachary Taylor by a friend to handle a personal case. He was great about letting me know all the details of the case and what to expect throughout each step of the process. I was very confident in his knowledge and abilities. I also appreciated that he was so quick to return phone calls and emails. I would highly recommend him as an attorney. Anonymous
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