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Employment Law

Employment Litigation Unexpectedly losing your job is devastating. The sudden loss of income can cause stress, anxiety, depression ... even a loss of self-worth that may manifests in physical illness. Embarrassment and humiliation often accompany a discharge as the fired worker struggles to explain the employment separation to family and friends. The stigma associated with being fired may follow a person for years. Indeed, when disclosed to prospective employers, the termination may hinder re-employment or even take a job offer of the table. And then the bills...

Although employment in Kentucky is "at-will," it is illegal to fire someone because of race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, age (over 40), or disability. Also, in most cases, an employer may not lawfully discharge its employee for taking approved medical leave or filing for worker's comp. Similarly, an employee cannot be terminated for complaining about discrimination or by refusing to break state law.

Your rights may have been violated even without being fired. If you were denied a job, raise, promotion, or transfer, you have the right to pursue a claim against your employment.

If you believe you suffered unlawful discrimination in the workplace, call our office for a free consultation.


Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects against discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin in employment. This protection prohibits employer discrimination for a range of activities, including the hiring, firing and promotion process. The attorneys at Taylor Couch, PLLC have years of experience in representing employees in discrimination cases.


Quid Pro Quo

Unfortunately, in today’s world there is no shortage of those attempting to take advantage of others. You can think of Quid Pro Quo as “something for something”, and it’s probably the type of harassment you’ve seen on television or in movies. In these types of situations, a boss or someone else that is in a higher position than you, offers to give a reward in return for sexual favors. These rewards can be the job itself, a promotion, or even just the ability to keep the job you’ve already earned.

Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment is different than Quid Pro Quo. In a hostile environment, employees are harassed to the point that they are unable to continue adequately performing their job duties. This type of harassment can come from a supervisor, manager, or even fellow employees.

Wage and Hour

Employees are entitled to be paid at least minimum wage and to be compensated for the time they have worked. If an employer is attempting to pay employees less than their contract rate or less than minimum wage (tipping wage positions not included), then the employee should consult an attorney immediately. Furthermore, employers are required to pay overtime wages, if an employer is fabricating the hours an employee has worked or is only paying for some of those hours, the employee should speak with an attorney.

Wrongful termination

Kentucky is an at-will state, which means an employer can choose to fire an employee for any reason other than race, color, sex, national origin, pregnancy or disability. If you believe you have been fired for one of these reasons, please contact an attorney immediately. Additionally, wrongful termination can manifest when an employer breaks an employment contract. If your employment contract has been breached, contact the attorneys at Taylor Couch, PLLC today.

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