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Unfair Debt Collection

Collection Letter Unfair or abusive debt collection is ILLEGAL. A debt collector may not:

  • use obscene, profane, or abusive language;
  • misrepresent the character, amount, or legal status of any debt;
  • falsely represent or imply that a communication is from an attorney;
  • threaten to take action that is illegal or not intended to be taken;
  • communicate false credit information;
  • communicate with third parties about a debt;
  • collect any amount that is not authorized by agreement or permitted by law, including interest, fees, charges, or expenses; and,
  • use language on any envelope, other than the debt collector's address and in some cases, its business name.
Client Reviews
I hired Taylor Couch, PLLC. They were amazing. They care about their clients. They did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend Nina Couch and Zachary Taylor. Janie
I consulted with Nina on a complicated property and estate issue. She could not have been more pleasant, intelligent, and calming. She helped me quickly settle the case. I have recommended Nina to all sorts of people who have personal injury issues and consumer protection issues. Justin
I was recommended Zachary Taylor by a friend to handle a personal case. He was great about letting me know all the details of the case and what to expect throughout each step of the process. I was very confident in his knowledge and abilities. I also appreciated that he was so quick to return phone calls and emails. I would highly recommend him as an attorney. Anonymous